Belgium Working Holiday Visa | Application Information (Explained)

The Belgium Working Holiday Visa

Belgium Working Holiday Visa 2023 – The country is well-known for the high quality of its chocolates and waffles, as well as its national football team. The European Union (EU) commission and Parliament are both based in Belgium. So, if you want to visit Belgium but don’t have a lot of money, don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. There is one method you may manage your money while simultaneously visiting Belgium, which has medieval villages and Renaissance architecture.

The Belgium Working Holiday Visa is your entry point into Belgium, allowing you to not only work in Belgium, but also to work side by side and generate money for your necessities. This visa is only granted to approved applicants.

This visa is valid for one year. All actions carried out under this visa must adhere to the conditions outlined on the visa. Your visa will expire after one year.


The primary goal of this visa is to promote Belgian culture and allow other young people to discover the nation and its culture. All candidates who are authorized for the visa may work part-time for any firm.

So, if you are interested in obtaining a Belgium Working Holiday Visa, this post will clarify all of the specifics and requirements for the visa application procedure. Continue reading the article.

Working Holiday Visa for Belgium 2023
Belgium Working Holiday Visa Information 2023


Country: Belgium
Countries Eligible: Foreigners
Category: Belgium Work During the Holidays

The following nations have reached an agreement with the Belgian government for Working Holiday Visas:

The country of New Zealand
Korea, South

Belgian people can also apply for a Working Holiday Visa in the aforementioned countries.
The Advantages of a Working Holiday Visa in Belgium


The Belgian Working Visa will provide you with the following benefits:

You will be allowed to spend a year in Belgium.
For up to six months, you can work for any firm or employer.
You are free to study or participate in any course.
You can leave and re-enter the country as many times as you like until the visa expires.

Working Holiday Visa Requirements in Belgium

To obtain a Working Holiday Visa in Belgium, You must be willing to meet the following criteria:

Your primary goal must be to visit Belgium.
Working must be the secondary reason for visiting to Belgium.
The age range for applying for a Belgium visa is 18 to 30 years.
Applicants must be either unmarried or have no children.
Every candidate must have a current passport.
All applicants must have a return ticket or enough money to purchase one.
All candidates must be first-time Working Holiday Visa applicants.
All candidates must provide a certificate of good health issued by the Belgium embassy’s certified physician.
All candidates must have a clean criminal history.

Things to Keep in Mind:

All candidates must arrive in Belgium within three months after receiving their visa.
All applicants must register with the local administration or City Hall within eight days of their arrival.
After registering, you will be given a residency card, which you must have with you at all times in order to travel freely in Schengen. Areacants must have a minimum of EUR 2,500 to cover living expenses in Belgium.


How Do You Apply?

Australian and New Zealand citizens must apply for a long-stay visa at the Belgium Embassy in Canberra.

19 Arkana Street, Yarralumla, ACT 2600.
Website: Official website Montreal 

Canadian citizens must apply for a long-stay visa and send their documentation and application form to the Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal Consulate General of Belgium in Montreal Visa dept./WHP 999, de Maisonneuve W. #1600 Montreal QC H3A 3L4.
Montreal’s official webpage

Application Processing Time in Belgium Working Holiday Visa


A working holding visa application takes roughly 4-6 weeks to process.

Application Fee:

All applicants must pay a non-refundable visa fee of EUR 350 for a Belgium Working Holiday Visa.

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