Earn 14000 AED Per Month as a School Teacher in the UAE


Earn 14000 AED per month as a School Teacher in the UAE – The United Arab Emirates is a country that offers several chances to young professionals. Today, you have the opportunity to be one of the candidates who may earn up to 14,000 AED as a teacher in the UAE. International candidates can also apply for a Teacher position in the UAE and earn the same pay as those who are already employed.

After parents, certain teachers play an important part in a child’s upbringing and in molding their brains to be worldly. As a result, every country must give the greatest and most prominent possibilities for teachers. Teachers in the UAE are already paid competitive wages that are adequate in comparison to other positions.

The UAE has advertised 600 teaching positions for the forthcoming academic year. Many public and private institutions are accepting applications for teaching positions. In this post, we will present a few of the schools that have open positions. For additional information, please read the article.


Earn 14000 AED per month as a school teacher in the UAE. Details about Teacher Positions in the UAE 2023-2024.

UAE is a country in the Middle East.
Job Opportunities
Posting Type: Teacher
Nationals and foreign applicants are welcome.

 The Advantages of Teacher Jobs in UAE.

There are several advantages to working as a teacher in the UAE, some of them are as follows:Earn 14000 AED per month as a School Teacher in UAE

High-paying jobs
Annual bonuses
Once a year, air tickets to home are purchased.
Long vacations
Health coverage
Opportunity to go to beautiful destinations.


Teacher Job Requirements in the UAE

There are a few easy prerequisites for a Teacher Post in UAE that you must fulfill, such as;

A teaching degree or certificate is required for applicants.
Applicants must hold Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).
For a topic Teacher Post, applicants must have a degree in a related subject.

Salary Range for a Teacher Position in the UAE


In the UAE, the average income for a teacher is AED 9,000-14,000 ($2,450-$3,800). Wages may fluctuate depending on a candidate’s credentials and experience.

List of Schools in the UAE that provide Teacher Positions

The following schools are now seeking for teachers to fill Teacher Positions in UAE, including;

  1. Amity International School Abu Dhabi 
  2. Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi 
  3. Swiss International School In Dubai 
  4. Jumeirah College 
  5. Aldar Academies
  6. Gems Education 
  7. Taaleem
  8. Dubai British School Jumeirah Park 

How Do I Apply for a Teaching Position in the UAE?

To apply for a Teacher Position, you must apply online through the official websites of the schools/colleges listed above. When you click on the school’s name, you will be sent to the school’s official website.


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This is the ideal opportunity to make up to 4,000 AED per month as a School Teacher in the UAE; we have included all of the necessary information in the post. You should take advantage of this if you are seeking for teaching opportunities in the UAE.



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