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Do you want to study in Canada and are wondering if there are any international Student scholarships In Canada? Do you want to further your education in Canada but are discouraged by the prospect? In this article, you will learn about various scholarships that can alleviate your financial concerns and bring you closer to achieving your educational goals.

Top MBA Scholarships In Canada You Can Apply For

Being awarded an MBA degree is an incredible accomplishment. Every business student desires to obtain it. Students who have it have access to a variety of opportunities. MBA is an abbreviation for Masters of Business Administration. It ensures that those who have it will be interviewed quickly and advance in their careers. Many students who have taken business classes are now looking for an MBA to help them advance in their careers. It comes as no surprise. This is not surprising given that the majority of students want to get their MBA. Scholarships are available for students from developing countries or those who require financial assistance to continue their education. Many universities provide scholarships to students who wish to study at their institutions. Scholarships are available for MBA students at Canadian colleges and universities. This article will go over these scholarships.

Ted Rogers School of Management (Ryerson University)

Ted Rogers School of Management, a business school in Toronto, is one of the most prestigious in Canada, offering MBA programs. It was also named one of the top 25 global MBA programs by Bloomberg Business week. Because an MBA is a significant financial investment, the Ted Rogers School of Management collaborated with Ted Rogers, Loretta Rogers, and Loretta Rogers. The donation could total $15 million in scholarships and prizes. These scholarships and awards assist students in financing their MBA programs. Students can receive up to $20,000 in awards and scholarships. To be eligible for the Ted Rogers School Graduate Entrance Scholarship, applicants must be outstanding academic performers. Academic excellence and performance are the selection criteria for this scholarship. Local Canadian students can apply for the scholarship part-time or full-time. It is also open to international students who use it full-time.

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Rotman School of Management Scholarships (University of Toronto)

Toronto, Canada, is home to the School of Management. It is one of the world’s most prestigious business schools. MBA candidates may apply to the University of Toronto’s management school to study and earn an MBA degree. The Rotman MBA is an excellent investment in one’s personal development. The Rotman School of Management does not provide scholarships to MBA students. Many external organizations allow international students to study in the MBA program at the school. You can also look into the International Scholarship Programs of the Government of Canada. International MBA candidates can apply for a variety of scholarships through the government program. Visit for a complete list of government scholarships.

Alberta MBA Scholarships

In 2019, the University of Alberta School of Business offered $1 million to all students enrolled in its MBA program. Students accepted to the Alberta School of Business can receive $15,000 or $15,000. Scholarships are available throughout the MBA programs.

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Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships

Business school is part of the University of Calgary. They offer scholarships to first-year students who are admitted. Students can also apply for scholarships and award programs during their MBA. These include the Haskayne Student Experiences Fund and SU Travel and Conference Funding.


Top MBA Scholarships In Canada

Schulich School of Business Scholarships

International students are automatically eligible to receive scholarships and awards from the Schulich School of Business. Students in financial need can apply for merit-based scholarships and awards. Visit

Ivey MBA Scholarships.

Ivey MBA candidates have access to outstanding scholarships and student loans. The scholarships range from $1.8 million.

Kindly visit for more information on how to fund your study for MBA at Ivey Business School.

Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship

Scholarships and awards are available at UBC, The Sauder School for Business. The University of British Columbia has the Sauder School of Business. The school offers several scholarships. The Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, International Talent Scholarships, and many other scholarships are available.

You can visit

Desautels Faculty of Management.

McGill University’s Desautels School of Management, which is also a part of McGill University, is one of Canada’s top management schools. You can check their scholarships page at

Queens University Smith School of Business

Queen’s University houses the business school. You can visit their website at The Robert H. Smith School of Business is the name of the school.

HEC Montreal MBA Scholarships.

You can find many scholarships for MBA students through HEC Montreal Foundation. Visit


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